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Customer Testimonials

Customer Success Stories
Occasionally our customers will take a minute to thank us for helping them sell their vehicle. Hear what actual customers are saying about our service.
Vehicle Sold:   2009 Lexus RX 350
Once Driven had six customers for the sale of my car within 24 hours and the car was sold within 72 hours. When they posted the pictures they acknowledged they received them right away. When I called everyone was very helpful & professional. I would recommend this company to anyone that is buying or selling a car!

Michael in Malibu, CA

Vehicle Sold:   2004 Chrysler Town And Country
Thank you for the great way you conduct your business. I appreciate the quick response. Lyle ________________________________________ Hello, This is email is to confirm that your refund has been processed. Please allow 3 business days for the credit to appear on your statement. Thank you for using Once Driven. Customer Support Team Once Driven

Lyle in Minneapolis, MN

Vehicle Sold:   Suzuki
I sold my Suzuki in less than 2 weeks! I will use you again in the future and will recommend you to friends and family. We thought it was unsellable and couldnt be more pleased! Thank you again! Ray - Grand Terrace, CA

Ray in Grand Terrace, CA.

Vehicle Sold:   1982 DeLorean DMC-12
James signed up with AMS on 11/27/2012 to help sell his 1982 DeLorean DMC-12. On 1/21/2013 James called to let us know that he had sold his DeLorean to a buyer provided by AMS. Congratulations James!

James in La Grange, GA.

Vehicle Sold:   2008 Audi A4 Cabriolet
Marjorie sold her Audi A4 Cabriolet to a buyer sent from AMS on 1/21/2013. Marjorie signed up with AMS on 12/1/2012. Congratulations to Marjorie on the quick sale of her car!

Marjorie in Newtown Square, PA.

Vehicle Sold:   1931 Ford Model A
Bill listed his vehicle with AMS on 1/18/2013. Bill sold his vehicle to a buyer supplied by AMS in ONLY 5 DAYS! This could be your story. Sign up today!

Bill in Springfield, IL

Vehicle Sold:   1978 Lincoln Mark V
Buyer matching service works great!! Thanks again AMS!

Bill in Utica, OH

Vehicle Sold:   2003 Buick Century
Very pleased with the service and getting his Buick sold.

Daniel in Alexandria, PA

Vehicle Sold:   2002 Ford F-150 XL
Thank you for selling my truck through [AMS affiliate] website - your service has been great!

Steve in Lubbock, TX.

Vehicle Sold:   2005 GMC Savana
I sold my Savana to an AMS buyer who visited one of [AMS affiliate]. Very happy to sell & thanks again!

Charles in Clarksville, MD.

Vehicle Sold:   2010 Harley-Davidson fat Boy
I Signed up on July 18 for the refundable program and sold my bike by the 31st.

James in Jessup, GA

Vehicle Sold:   1970 Chevy C10
I sold vehicle through [AMS affiliate]. Thank you!

Trenton in Denver, CO

Vehicle Sold:   Northwood Travel Trailer
Interested buyer called on Tuesday from Missouri-sold on Thursday

Phil in Hutto, TX

Vehicle Sold:   Suzuki GS550E
I sold my Suzuki in less than 2 weeks! I will use us again in the future and will recommend us to friends and family. We thought it was unsellable and couldnt be more pleased!

Jeany in Grand Terrace, CA

Vehicle Sold:   Toyota 4 Runner
AMS, Im writing to tell you that in these days its hard to find a business that does what it says it can do, when I first received your phone call on my home phone, I was extremely hesitant to call, although I had no responses to my current ad, so I reluctantly called you. My first thought was wow 99.00 thats a little pricey,then you suggested I raise the value of my vehicle by 50% of my original ad, you assured me that there were buyers who wanted my vehicle. Again I was hesitant, I followed your suggestions & Im pleased to inform you that you sold my car in two days, for five hundred dollars more the my original asking price. I commend you on a job well done., and I thank you for the steak dinner as well(with the extra cash)

Keith in San Jose, CA

Vehicle Sold:   Kawasaki Voyager XII
Your service is great! I had a couple of inquiries and I sold the bike this morning to the first person who looked at it. And, actually had a second person who was very serious and would have purchased is the first one hadnt. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone in the market to sell a vehicle. Again, thank you.

Cathy in Woodbridge, VA

Vehicle Sold:   2001 Dodge Ram
I will gladly use your service again when I sell another vehicle!

Bob in Meridian, ID


Vehicle Sold:   1994 Chevrolet Suburban 1500
Please remove our listing...the car sold before we even got our receipt in the mail! Thanks for a great service. I just wish we had found you before we wasted our money on the newspaper and Auto Trader.

Tina in Spanish Fork, Utah

Vehicle Sold:   2005 Winnebago Rialta
Just to let you know we just sold our 05 Rialta. Thanks again. P.S. I just sold our second Rialta through your site.

Keneita in Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Vehicle Sold:   1997 Mitsubishi Diamante
Amazing!! I had my car listed in the local paper for four weeks with only two calls, who both asked questions answered in the ad. After less than a week with your service I have cash in hand and my Mitsubishi is gone.

James in Pocatello, ID

Vehicle Sold:   1997 BMW Z3
I wanted to let you know the Z3 I placed with is sold. I am very satified with your service. Thank you for your help. I would recomend your service to any one. Sold in about 3 weeks!

George in Springfield, IL

Vehicle Sold:   1985 Mercedes Benz 300TD
This car was sold last week through The Big Lot; Thank you!

Pat in Avondale, PA

Vehicle Sold:   1994 Chevrolet Van
I sold this vehicle on on Dec 6th through your Big Lot Ad..Thanks! Please cancel my ad Thank you for your services.

Rick in Gadsen, AL

Vehicle Sold:   1988 Ford Bronco II
Please be advised the my Bronco II has been sold. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your business for all your kind patronage. You guys wre great !! Once again Thanks!

Wilfred in New Jersey

Vehicle Sold:   2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse
I have sold our 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse to a couple in Ohio via your web site. This was the best $99 I have spent in a long time! Please remove our ad from your web site. I have spread the word about The Big Lot to many people and auto business owners with very interested results! This is something that I rarely do but I wanted too. Thank you again and much success to your business well in the future,

Keith in Bethlehem, PA

Vehicle Sold:   2002 Ford F250
Just a quick note to say your service was great. I sold the truck!! Yippeee. Not quite the timing I liked, but it worked! When I talked to your rep. James, I told him that I already had a ad online. I had not one reply there. That ad was in for three months before. James walked the walk and talked the talk. Thank you for talking me into using your service. When it is time to buy or sell a truck again, I know where to look.

Brooks in Fairfield, CT

Vehicle Sold:   2001 Chevrolet Silverado
I wanted to let you know that I sold my vehicle this past weekend - thanks to your service. The couple who bought it found it on one of the internet sites. I didn't see on your site where/how to mark the vehicle sold or take it off the listings. Will you please take care of this for me. Thanks again for helping me sell.....

Gary in Baton Rouge, LA

Vehicle Sold:   2005 Honda VT750
Thanks, Just when I was getting ready to send a letter to request a refund for the ad, I received an email from a guy who may have been interested in my bike. Well, just to let you know, the guy bought the bike, at the price I was asking. I am glad I found your web site and will recommend it to others. Please remove the ad, since the bike sold.

Walt in Carencro, LA

Vehicle Sold:   1999 Chevrolet Conversion Van
To whom it may concern: I have recently sold the vehicle that was listed with you. My customer ID # is ######. Thank you!

Alicia in Hampton, VA

Vehicle Sold:   1993 Nissan Pickup
You helped me place an ad in January. Well, I sold the truck this past Sunday. I wanted to let you know that we can remove the ad from the two websites, and Please call me at work if you have any questions. Thank you for your assistance.

Michael in Lakewood, CO

Vehicle Sold:   1954 Chevrolet Pickup
Mark and I wanted to say thank you for re-doing our ad, as the truck is sold awaiting payment. Apparently, the buyer is a professional restoration guy. We received his message the very next day with an offer and stating he will make shipping arrangements. No hassles or negotiations, we loved it! Have a great day and thanks again for the superb help.

Sandra in Medford, OR

Vehicle Sold:   1990 BMW 325ix
I just wanted to let you know that car has been sold. its nice doing business with you. Thank you.

Jack in Hubley, Nova Scotia

Vehicle Sold:   1999 Toyota 4Runner
Thank You Folks, My vehicle has been sold and you can cancel my ad effective today Feb.12,2007. Thank you very much for publishing my ad on the internet, job well done.

Martin in Makawao, HI

Vehicle Sold:   1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee
We have sold the 1996 Jeep, so please remove the ad from the web site. Thank you

Ronald in Goshen, Indiana

Vehicle Sold:   1999 Honda CR-V
I sold my Honda CRV and the ad for this vehicle can be taken down. THank you for your help!

Stephen in Cumberland, MD

Vehicle Sold:   2005 Ford Focus
Hi I have sold my vehicle, thanks to your website! I will e-mail the person to let them know. Thank you


Vehicle Sold:   1986 Blue Bird TC2000
thank you for placing my add in your biglot online service. I sold the van to a gentleman in Buffalo, NY. He loves it.


Vehicle Sold:   1971 Volkswagen Westfalia
Thanks Melanie, I had begun to wonder about this "interested party". Thebiglot has been a very satisfactory experience for me and I'm new at internet sales. You guys do an outstanding job. Happy Daze


Vehicle Sold:   1998 Ford Ranger
Hello- Just wanted to let you know that I've sold my truck! Thanks so much for the help, and please confirm that it will be removed from the sites and my contact information will be removed as to avoid future calls/e-mails. Thanks again!


Vehicle Sold:   2003 Dodge Dakota
Please remove my ad from your website. After several months of having it for sale, I finally sold my truck to some wonderful people from Texas. Thanks to The Big Lot for keeping me updated when individuals were interested. My $100 was definitely well-spent. Thanks again!


Vehicle Sold:   2004 Chevrolet Colorado
On having sold my 2004 Colorado there is no longer any need to run the ad on your site. Thank you for your help


Vehicle Sold:   1974 Ford LTD Brougham
We sold our car today thanks to advertising on Please remove our ad from your web page. Thanks for your help!!


Vehicle Sold:   1999 Buick Century
I sold my Buick in 1 week - thanks for your help!


Vehicle Sold:   1995 Chevrolet Van
My van sold!. I want too thank you for my ad exposure Nation wide. It was the best way I have seen too sell a vehicle. Again I want too say Thank You.

Henry in Texarkana, TX

Vehicle Sold:   1978 Ford Mustang II
Thank you for your services. The vehicle has been sold. Please remove the ad from your website.

Jay in Tuscon, AZ

Vehicle Sold:   1990 Cadillac Catera
We have sold this silver car thanks to the online ad. Please remove from your list.

Jay in East Windsor, CT

Vehicle Sold:   2003 Honda CBR1100XX
I'm pleased to inform you that the bike I had for sale on your website has been sold. Your company was very professional in helping me with getting me started, and a couple of problems along the way. Your staff was very nice and sounded like they were there to help. If I have any other vehicles to sell, you will be the first people I deal with. I'm assuming you will remove the ad, or whatever you need to do to let other interested buyers know the bike has been sold. Thank you again, and may you all have a blessed and safe holiday season.

Robert in South Hill, VA

Vehicle Sold:   2004 Honda Civic
Cust ###### called to let us know we helped her sell her '04 Civic. She started 2/9, so in less than a month! She wanted to thank us for having such a "wonderful system". She didn't realize until using us that people actually used the net to find vehicles. She said she had many calls from people willing to fly out to buy her auto. She was so pleased!


Vehicle Sold:   1997 Acura Integra
To Whom It May Concern, I have sold my car from your excellent service. Please remove it from your webiste because I keep getting calls from buyers. Thank you so much. I never thought I would sell my car in less than 10 days on your website. Thanks again.



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