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If you purchased one of our guaranteed advertisements** and you are not satisfied with our service after 90 days of advertising, you may request a refund. Simply have this form notarized and mail it to us within 10 calendar days after day 90 (see Eligibility Requirements below for more detail). You will be refunded the full purchase price of your advertisement minus a $29 service fee.

  * If you have placed an ad before this date, call the Support Center for past guarantee details.
  ** Some lower priced services ($99, $149) are not guaranteed.

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for a refund, each of the following conditions must be met.

1) You must have provided a photo of your vehicle within 14 calendar days after the Ad Start Date found on the front of your receipt; and

2) You must have mailed a signed, dated and notarized (see notary section below) copy of this form (with your customer ID number) postmarked within 10 calendar days after your 90 day window. You have 10 days after day 90 in order to request your refund. It should be mailed to the following address:

The Big Lot!.
P.O. Box 1831
Roanoke, VA 24008

• Fax, email and phone requests will not be accepted.
• Requests that are not postmarked as stated above will not be accepted.

Although I did authorize my credit card to be charged for advertising services on and, I would like to cancel my advertisement and request a refund in accordance with these terms.

_____________     ______________________________     _____________


Notary Section - To be completed by notary only.

STATE OF ___________________

COUNTY/CITY OF ___________________


The foregoing Refund Policy was subscribed, sworn to, and acknowledged before me by

_______________________________ (Customer)

this ________ day of _____________, 20___.

________________________________ Notary Public/Deputy Clerk

My commission expires ________________

For questions about The Big Lot! Guarantee,
or any other aspect of our service, Call 888-550-2703.

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