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Tips For Selling Your Vehicle Online
  1. Use a photo in your ad.

We can't stress enough the importance a quality photo of your vehicle has on the
buyer. Ads with photos have 3 times the success of those without.

Tip: Clean cars are the most photogenic. 
Click Here For Photo Tips »

  2. Use memorable & appealing comments.

When car shopping, buyers view many ads and are likely to remember the ads that speak to them and appeal to their lifestyle.

Ex:  (Minivans/wagons, etc. - Great family car!)
        (Sedans - Gas mileage great for commuters!)
        (Sports Cars - A must for driving enthusiasts!)

  3. Competitive Price & Or Best Offer (OBO)

Pricing your vehicle competitively is a must. Check prices of similar vehicles on the site and visit the sites below to find the book value of your car. This is what your vehicle is competing against.

Kelley Blue Book (
Edmunds (

OBO - may incline buyers to call even if they are not pleased with the price. You then have the chance to explain the reason for this price and decide whether or not you would like to negotiate. $100 could be the difference between selling your car or keeping it.

  4. The Big Lot! For Sale Sign

Print out a free "For Sale" sign from the site. Buyers who view this sign can go to the site and view the specs on your vehicle even when you're not available. If they know your vehicle is on the Internet for millions of viewers, it may incline them to act quickly.

Click Here To Print Out Your Sign »

  5. Maintenance Records

It is critical to keep records of all service and repairs performed on your vehicle. Maintenance records give the buyer proof and confidence of the vehicle's maintenance history. This should include new tires, oil changes, engine repairs, etc.

Buy and sell used cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, RVs, boats, ATVs on The Big Lot!

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